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JRC is an entrepreneurial firm with an institutional mindset.

Our investment strategy is designed to create value within opportunities and maximize returns. 

We currently focus on obtaining the highest possible risk-adjusted returns through purchasing office, industrial, retail, land and multifamily properties at or below replacement cost. This is accomplished in partnership with the local brokerage community that we look to for acquisitions of these properties.  The attitude “no deal is too small” has helped continue broker relationship within the market as brokers feel we wont out grow those who helped the company get started.

When an acquisition opportunity has been identified, JRC will develop an investment thesis, detailing the business plan and forecasted project-level returns for the investors. Our ultimate goal focuses around the optimization of the equity multiple and IRR.

With our hands-on approach, JRC manages the properties from acquisition through disposition. This integrated approach results in the entire organization being fully accountable for the success of the investment. With in-house construction management & design development, JRC continues to overachieve as we are able to control cost and value engineer when faced with adversity.  Being able to change direction at the drop of a hat and adapt to every changing market conditions provides multiple layers of exit strategies ensuring returns and management of risk.  

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